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8 Free Website Booking Systems for your Online Business

Find out about the top FREE website booking systems for WordPress as both plugins and external services. All the listed website booking systems come available in a free version. Find out more below!

Online businesses across various sectors are increasingly recognising the importance of having an efficient online booking system. WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems globally, offers a ton of booking form plugins designed to streamline the reservation process for both businesses and customers.

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These plugins are integral tools for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and improve customer service. In this article, we will explore what WordPress booking form plugins are, their applications, and the types of businesses that can benefit from them. We will also review some of the most popular booking plugins available for WordPress, discussing their pros and cons, and examine third-party external booking services that can be integrated into WordPress, such as FareHarbor, Acuity Scheduling and

What Are Free Website Booking Systems?

If you are looking for a free website booking system for your website, look no further. WordPress booking form plugins are extensions designed to add booking functionalities to a WordPress website. These plugins enable businesses to manage appointments, reservations, and bookings directly through their website, offering a seamless experience for both the business and its clients.

They come with various features, such as calendar views, availability checks, automated notifications, payment integrations, and more. By using these plugins, businesses can automate the booking process, reduce administrative work, and provide customers with the convenience of booking services online at any time. The last three free website booking systems listed on this page will also work with non WordPress sites.

Applications and Benefits

Who Can Benefit from WordPress Booking Plugins?

  • Service-Based Businesses: Hair salons, spas, massage therapists, and consultants can use booking plugins to schedule appointments.
  • Healthcare Providers: Doctors, dentists, and clinics can streamline patient appointment scheduling.
  • Event Organisers: Venues, event planners, and conference organisers can manage event registrations and ticket bookings.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and tutors can schedule classes, courses, and tutoring sessions.
  • Hospitality Industry: Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday rental owners can manage room reservations.
  • Fitness Centres: Gyms, personal trainers, and yoga studios can organise class schedules and personal training sessions.

Benefits of Using WordPress Booking Plugins

  • 24/7 Availability: Customers can book services at their convenience, without being restricted to business hours.
  • Automated Scheduling: Reduces the need for manual appointment setting, freeing up staff time for other tasks.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Provides a user-friendly interface for booking, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Payment Integration: Allows customers to make payments at the time of booking, ensuring commitment and reducing no-shows.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ensures availability is always up-to-date, preventing double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

1. Bookly

Bookly is the premier solution for online appointment scheduling and service booking, catering to a diverse range of service-based businesses. Since the initial release of our WordPress booking plugin in 2014, Bookly has earned the trust of over 70,000 clients globally, spanning various industries.

Bookly is a WordPress open-source booking plugin with a premium version, Bookly Pro. Besides, we offer dozens of add-ons to enhance Bookly Pro and enable even more advanced service, customer, promotions, and e-commerce features. With its versatile product architecture, Bookly proves to be an exceptionally flexible and comprehensive service booking solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to larger establishments with extensive staff and multiple locations.


  • User-friendly interface with a modern design.
  • Customisable booking form with various fields.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Supports SMS and email notifications.
  • Offers a range of add-ons for additional functionalities.


  • The free version has limited features.
  • Some users find the pricing of add-ons to be high.
  • Initial setup can be complex for beginners.

2. Amelia

Thanks to its user-centered design, Amelia is one of the easiest WordPress booking plugins you could use. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and offers the highest level of simplicity and convenience to the end user. You can install and configure Amelia in a matter of minutes. Most actions, both on the front end and back end are intuitive and do not require more than a few clicks. In case you need help, just check Amelia’s detailed documentation on plugin functionalities. Of course, our customer support team is always happy to help.


  • Elegant and intuitive design, suitable for various businesses.
  • Offers both appointment and event booking functionalities.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar.
  • Comprehensive notification system via email and SMS.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting features.


  • Higher price point compared to some other plugins.
  • Limited customisation options in the booking form.
  • Can be resource-intensive, potentially slowing down the website.

3. WP Simple Booking Calendar

Probably one of the things our customers like the most is the support. You often get a solution to your problem in just a few hours. Knowing you can reach out any time to a real person who can help you solve your problem is a real deal maker, especially when your business relies on prompt assistance to run smoothly.


  • Easy to use with a simple and clean interface.
  • Ideal for businesses with straightforward booking needs.
  • Allows for multiple calendar views.
  • Supports iCal integration.
  • Lightweight and fast.


  • Basic features may not suffice for complex booking requirements.
  • No built-in payment integration.
  • Limited customisation options.

4. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar has thousands of users. Whether you’re operating a big hotel with hundreds of rooms, needing to create a multi-user portal for accommodation owners, or you’re a sole business owner who needs to automate bookings for your accommodation or service, Booking Calendar has you covered in every way. It’s great for anyone with a need to book a service or accommodation.

  • Resource scheduling (bed & breakfast, cottages, hotel rooms, houses, apartments, rooms etc.).
  • Equipment rentals (cars, bikes, computers, technical equipment, pools, etc.).
  • Client scheduling (photographers, lawyers, beauty salons, spas, massage therapists).
  • Meeting scheduling (coaching, phone advice).
  • Event scheduling (conference, course, fitness center, yoga class, gym).
  • Patient scheduling (doctor, dentists, clinic, medical).
  • Any other service, requiring reservations on specific day(s) or times.


  • One of the oldest and most reliable booking plugins for WordPress.
  • Highly customisable with a wide range of features.
  • Supports multiple booking forms and calendars.
  • Payment integration with PayPal and other gateways.
  • Email notifications and captcha support for spam prevention.


  • The free version is very basic.
  • User interface can be dated and less intuitive.
  • Advanced features require a premium version.

5. Booked

Booked is a booking plugin for WordPress designed to let visitors conveniently book appointments on your website. It manages to perform this function efficiently by providing a number of simple, but useful, features. This results in a lot of flexibility for you and an enhanced user experience for your visitors.

To begin with, Booked lets you create multiple calendars with custom fields in the booking form, depending on the type of information you need to collect for an appointment. You can choose from text fields, paragraph fields, drop downs, checkboxes and radio buttons, and even mark the field as optional or required. Once the visitor submits the information, a customizable email is automatically sent to you for your approval of the appointment.

You have the option to add vacation days or special days, to leave out certain time slots, and to add a completely custom calendar using the plugin’s builder. Once the calendar is ready, you can choose to display it as a widget or using a shortcode anywhere on your site.


  • Attractive and modern design.
  • Supports guest booking and registered user booking.
  • Customisable time slots and booking fields.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce for payment processing.
  • Provides a front-end calendar for easy booking management.


  • Lacks some advanced features found in other plugins.
  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • Can be difficult to customize without coding knowledge.

Third-Party External Booking Services

In addition to WordPress-specific plugins, several third-party external booking services can be integrated into WordPress websites to provide robust booking solutions. These services often offer more advanced features and scalability for growing businesses.


FareHarbor is a comprehensive booking management system designed for tour operators and activity providers. It offers a range of features including online booking, payment processing, and customer management.


  • Designed specifically for tours and activities.
  • Mobile-friendly booking interface.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and various marketing tools.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Higher cost compared to standard WordPress plugins.
  • May have a steeper learning curve for beginners.
  • Requires integration setup which can be complex.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is another powerful tool for managing appointments and bookings. It’s suitable for a wide range of businesses and integrates seamlessly with WordPress.


  • User-friendly interface with extensive customisation options.
  • Supports group scheduling, recurring appointments, and classes.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, and Office 365.
  • Integrates with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Comprehensive client management features.


  • Subscription-based pricing can be costly for small businesses.
  • Some advanced features are only available in higher-tier plans.
  • Requires integration setup for WordPress. offers a versatile booking solution that caters to various industries, including healthcare, fitness, and beauty services.


  • Wide range of booking features including memberships, classes, and events.
  • Customizable booking widgets for WordPress.
  • Integrates with social media platforms for bookings.
  • Multiple payment options supported.
  • Comprehensive admin dashboard for easy management.


  • The free version has limited features.
  • Interface can be overwhelming due to the number of options.
  • Some users report difficulties with customer support responsiveness.

Choosing the right free website booking system plugin or external booking service for your WordPress (or not) website depends on your specific business needs and budget. WordPress booking plugins offer a range of features that can simplify the appointment scheduling process, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline business operations. Third-party external booking services provide additional functionalities and scalability, making them suitable for businesses with more complex booking requirements. By integrating a robust booking system into your WordPress site, you can ensure a seamless and efficient booking experience for your customers, ultimately driving growth and success for your business.