Lars Jansen

Need some advise before starting your online business strategy or project?

With over 20 years experience in the web site development and online marketing industry I can help save you money and time. I'm based in Dunedin where I spend most of my time building and promoting great looking, high quality web sites ranging from single page personal home pages to large technically extensive company sites.

These days my focus is on consultancy, advising clients on what they need, their options and how best to execute their cunning plan:)

What I Do


Want to sell your services or product online? I can show you the best options for your business and put you in touch with the right developers to get the job done at the right price.

Web Development

There are a lot of options depending on what your online business requires. More often than not you will not need to spend 10k on a custom built web site. You can have an amazing web presence for as little as $400 if you get the right information first. Talk to me!

Internet Of Things

IOT - Connecting your world to the Internet. I have an Electronics background and combined with my web development experience I can help you monitor or control just about anything.


Contrary to popular belief, online marketing of your business is far simpler today than it was 10 years ago. Talk to me about driving visitors to your site via Facebook and Google and turning them into customers.


All web sites need regular maintanance and updates. I can do this for you for a low monthly fee or advise on keeping these costs down if you already have a service providing you with a site management program.

Hosting and Email

Need a new hosting platform for your web site or email? I can point you to the most reliable provider and help with the relocation if required. You would be surprised how little you need to spend to get fast and reliable service if you know where to look.


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